[Call for paper] 13th International Conference on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction


The IHCI is a series of conferences where we explore research challenges in the use of AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Applied Perception for building improved and effective interfaces for communication and interaction with information systems and appliances.

The IHCI 2021 will, therefore, focus on all aspects of the complex interaction between machine intelligence and human intelligence which can make the interaction between ICT systems and people smarter and can extend our life beyond the physical limits.

The conference will bring together people from academia, industry, and research organizations. It will give its participants an opportunity to present and learn about cutting-edge work in this focused area. To meet this objective we invite original research contributions in the following topics of interest.

Authors are invited to submit:

Full papers (10 ~ 12 pages) are invited that describe developed work. Authors of papers reporting experimental work are encouraged to make their data and experimental results available online or via data publication.

Poster/ Short papers (4 ~ 6 pages) are invited to share novel ideas that may not have been fully developed but are in progress.

Demonstration papers (4 ~ 6 pages) are also invited to demonstrate novel and interesting implementations of IHCI concepts. Presenters of both full and short papers may request a demonstration session also.

Abstract papers (1 ~ 2 pages) are considered to invite to forum discussions and doctoral students are encouraged to submit their research in progress abstracts.

Reviewing will be double-blind. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

For paper submission guidelines:

For online paper submission:

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

1) Interface 

  • Interface for Context-Sensitive Applications
  • Haptic in HCI
  • Language and speech interfaces
  • Intelligent wearable, mobile interfaces, and ubiquitous interfaces
  • Multi-modal interfaces (speech, vision, eye gaze, face, physiological information etc.)
  • Brain-Computer/Brain-Machine Interface
  • Soft Computing for Machine Interface
  • Intelligent, Interactive visualization tools
  • Affective and aesthetic interfaces
  • Bio-Inspired Computing
  • Interface Design for Accessibility
  • Cognitive Interface Design
  • Ontology for Interface Design

2) AI and Data

  • Interactive Machine learning
  • Generation of multi-modal content
  • Agent-based Intelligent User Assistance
  • Cognitive Learning Analytics
  • Social media analysis
  • User adaptation and Personalization
  • Recommender systems

4) Security & Education

  • Blockchain in HCI
  • Cyber Security in HCI
  • Pedagogical technologies
  • Early Childhood Education in HCI
  • E-Learning in HCI

5) Extended Interaction

  • Interactions in Metaverse
  • Immersive and Verisimilitudinous Tele-presence
  • Ubiquitous & Virtual Worlds in HCI
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Extended Reality
  • Cloud computing in HCI
  • Human-Sensor Interaction
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Telehealth in HCI
  • Assisted and Enhanced Living Host
  • HCI in art and entertainment
  • Art pieces supported by HCI
  • Sound design for HCI
  • Wearable and Fashion

6) Student Forum & Industry Experience Reports

Call for paper: 

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